Application Steps

  1. Download the appropriate application form(s) using the links below.
  2. Complete required paperwork and return it to the Association office by mail, email, or in person (9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., M-F; by appointment only).
  3. For those seeking REALTOR® Membership, please submit with your application(s) a copy of your valid NC real estate license or “pocket card.”  To avoid delays in processing your application, please include a copy of the NCREC Broker Activation Form.
  4. Following receipt of your application, a membership will contact you to discuss fees and schedule your mandatory orientation(s).

Membership Applications/Forms 



Orientation Process

New Primary members are required to complete the NAR New Member Orientation Online Course and the NAR Code of Ethics Online Course within 30 days of joining. MCRAR also requires an in person New Member Orientation held every other month.  This course must be completed within 90 days of joining.  

New MLS Only Members are required to review our MLS Rules and Regulations Power Point within 30 days of joining.  

Once you have received your MLS login information, please read the MCRAOR Association Bylaws, and MCRAR MLS Bylaws and MCR MLS Rules and Regulations under Member Resources in Flex.

Realtor Membership Fee Schedule

Designated REALTOR® Application Fee: $1200.00

(The Application Fee is not prorated, transferable, or refundable)

REALTOR® Application fee: $800.00

(The application fee is not prorated, transferable, or refundable)

REALTOR® changing membership to Designated REALTOR® of new firm fee: $400.00.

For more information, please contact Membership & Accounting at 910-692-8988.



Primary REALTOR® Membership: (National, State & Local REALTOR®):   Annual Dues- $631.00

Fees for local, state and national associations of REALTORS®, as well as a $35 assessment for NAR Public Awareness Campaign).  Membership dues are prorated monthly (except for the $35 NAR assessment for the Public Awareness Campaign) and are based on the date your license is placed with your firm.


JAN       $631.00        APRIL $482.00        JULY    $333.00        OCT    $184.00

FEB    $581.33         MAY    $432.33        AUG     $283.33        NOV    $134.33

MAR    $531.67        JUNE    $382.67        SEPT     $233.67        DEC    $84.67


Secondary REALTOR® Membership: (MCRAOR LOCAL dues):    PRO-RATION Annual Dues - $261.00

JAN    $261.00        APRIL $195.75        JULY    $130.50        OCT    $65.25

FEB    $239.25        MAY    $174.00        AUG   $108.75        NOV    $43.50

MAR    $217.50        JUNE    $152.25        SEPT      $87.00        DEC     $21.75


Outside North Carolina Secondary REALTOR® Membership (State and Local REALTOR®: PRO-RATION Annual Dues-$446 


JAN    $446.00        APRIL $334.50        JUL    $223.00        OCT      $111.50

FEB    $408.83        MAY    $297.33        AUG    $185.83        NOV      $74.33

MAR    $371.67        JUNE    $260.17        SEPT    $148.67        DEC        $37.17




New Member Participants pay a one-time firm initiation fee of $1200 and $75 per month for the BIC.

New Subscribers pay a one-time application fee of $100 and $75 MLS monthly fee for the month they join. Subsequent months the $75 monthly fee will be billed to the BIC and the agent will pay the firm/BIC.  

For more information, please contact Membership & Accounting at 910-692-8988.

Supra Key

All brokers are required to have a Supra eKey app on their phone for showing property. That fee is $16.91 monthly drafted by Supra. We can cooperate an eKey with our MLS if the agent presently has an eKey app on their phone through Supra. We would need your serial number and four-digit pin code to do so. The fee to cooperate an eKey is $25.00.


2021 Affiliate Membership Brochure

Inside the brochure you will learn more about MCRAR's Affiliate Program.
2021 Affiliate Brochure